How our journey started:

Bucket List Wishes was established by Gini Hackett after losing her Mum to Cancer just weeks before. She wanted to turn her own personal experience into something positive in Memory of her Mum ‘Jean Evelyn Vaughan’ so she launched this Charity on what would have been her Mum’s 68th Birthday in July 2013.

In April 2012 Gini’s Mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer and her life expectancy was just a few months as the cancer was already in three major organs. This news devastated the family but the first thing Gini did for her Mum was buy a hardback book and special pen and asked her Mum to write down her Bucket list. Gini felt it was important to focus on doing things that her Mum wanted to do or achieve in the short time she had left to live. As well as giving the immediate family, extended family & close friends something positive to do during such a difficult time.

So ‘Jean’ wrote her list over the next couple of weeks, they contained things like visiting Blenheim Palace as this was the only Stately Home she had never visited in the UK. Gini work out plans for each one and Jean ticked then off as they did them! By September which was the estimate life expectancy time given to Jean, everything but one on the list had been ticked which was an amazing achievement. The last thing on the Bucket list we thought was unachievable due to us being short of time. However when Jean was still here in November although she was very unwell, Gini put in a last minute plan of action and with the help of a very special lady called ‘Alessia’ was able to fulfil ‘Jean’s’ final Bucket List Wish…to see Andrea Bocelli live. A special memory they would share and Gini would have forever.

It wasn’t until after her Mum died in April 2013 that she really realised how important achieving all of the things on the list really was to those loved ones left behind when you lose someone.

Now the memories get her through the sad and difficult days when she misses her Mum. She draws strength, enjoys laughter and still sheds tears but is just so grateful they made these memories together. These memories only exist because of the ‘BUCKET LIST WISHES’ her Mum wrote.

Gini & Jean