On 15th July this year we have been granting wishes for 7 years.

This would also have been Jean’s 75th Birthday. We are so thrilled to have granted so many wishes in her memory.

We marked these two special milestones by sending out bespoke cards, cornflower seeds & delivering cake treat boxes on the day itself.

We also published two special videos one as a tribute to Jean which you can watch here xx https://www.facebook.com/533553773372866/posts/3245501162178100/

The second one to show you some of the amazing wishes we have granted you can watch this here https://www.facebook.com/533553773372866/posts/3247117148683168/

In July 2020 we will also be granting our 100th Wish for Sheila. So do look out for this incredible unique Wish Story when we publish it.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone from our BLW volunteers, companies & businesses that have supported us over the past 7 years. Along with all those who have maybe amazing donations and fundraised for us.

We couldn’t grant wishes without any of you.

Here’s to granting many more wishes for many more years!

Love & Wishes
Gini & The BLW Team xx