A week after part one of her Wish we granted the second part Shirley’s Wish on her 85th Birthday! Her Daughter actually bought her a Ladyship as a birthday gift so she could be Lady Shirley on her Wish, which was absolutely fitting with all the special plans we had arranged for her. Shirley’s Wish was to wear a crinoline dress, think Gone with the Wind style & walk down a beautiful staircase.

We’ve never granted a Wish like this before but with lots of help & hard work with all the special final details, you’ll see from her Wish photos just how incredible her experience was for her.

We have lots of thank you’s to say for Lady Shirley’s Wish:

  • Firstly we have to say a huge enormous thank you to Priscilla who made the most unbelievable bespoke dress which was truly more than we could have ever imagined! Shirley felt amazing in it and it was made with so much love & kindness we are truly grateful to you Priscilla.
  • We’d also like to say a special thank you to www.highfieldpark.com especially to Kirsty & Rebecca who from the minute we discussed this Wish they couldn’t have done anymore to help. Hosting this Wish at their beautiful Venue yesterday was an absolute joy & it couldn’t have been more perfect! Given how tough it is for the Hospitality industry right now we are very thankful to you for helping us grant this.
  • A big thank you to the amazing https://www.facebook.com/gourmetqueens19/ for Shirley’s beautiful cake & delicious Afternoon tea boxes. We appreciate your support as always.
  • Special thank you to the talented Kerry from www.madhatterfloraldesign.co.uk for the lovely birthday bouquet & thank you flowers.
  • Hair & Make-up for Shirley was done by Gini our Charity Founders as that’s her day job www.trulycolours.co.uk she often donates her professional skills & time to ensure our Wish people feel extra special.
  • A massive thank you to our official BLW Photographer www.tonyhackettphotography.co.uk for capturing this incredible day especially as these photos will be loved & treasured by Shirley’s loved ones forever.
  • Finally a special thanks to Shirley’s lovely Daughter as this 2 part Wish couldn’t have happened without her assistance, help & time.

It was truly a joy to grant this Wish for Lady Shirley & we enjoyed planning and organising every moment of it for her. What a magnificent way to spend your 85th Birthday!

To see lots of lovely photos from her Wish please go to our post https://www.facebook.com/533553773372866/posts/3693808600680685/ xx