The Day before Mother’s Day we granted our last Wish for awhile to a very special Mum and it was a complete surprise for her. Lesley should have been experiencing a Wish with her loved ones at the end of March. This was cancelled like several of our wishes due to Covid-19.

So instead Gini our founder personally delivered a special Wish package containing a two year Giraffe Adoption which her family can then renew in her memory and always have, some beautiful flowers, a large fresh fruit box with local honey, jam, a bag full of delicious Easter cakes and some relaxing gift to cheer her up and help her at this time.

For Lesley’s Wish we would like to thank the following companies for supporting it & helping us quickly grant it for her. All of them experiencing difficult times themselves but they still helped us to do this so we’re very grateful to each of you.

  • Karen from for the giraffe adoption.
  • Michael from for the flowers and fresh produce thank you for always caring when I just turn up for things for our Wish people.
  • Delicious cakes from these always go down well for our Wish people.
  • Finally thanks to our BLW Volunteers for choosing and ordering some practical and thoughtful items like candles, relaxing oils, a star blanket, mini massager, chocolates etc to complete this Wish.

A very Happy Mother’s Day Lesley from all of us at BLW xx

To see photos of what we delivered please see our post