On a sunny Sunday in September we granted a special Wish for Maureen & her loved ones, creating memories that will last forever. We’d like to say a huge congratulations to Maureen & her Husband as they were also celebrating their 51st Wedding Anniversary on her Wish day. We hope you enjoyed every moment of your day together.

A Big thank you to following people for helping us make this day as special as we could given all the current restrictions in place:

  • To Stuart from providing Wyllie Cars in Bracknell for safely transporting them & looking after them on the to & from journeys.
  • Special thanks to the Team at www.monkeyworld.org for making Maureen’s last visit to her favourite please really personal, special & thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Finally thank you to our official BLW Photographer Tony www.tonyhackettphotography.co.uk for capturing this day so the family had some lovely private photos from the day. These animals are protected so we’re unable to publish any photos xx