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Fulfilment Guidelines for Lists & Wishes

  • Live in┬áthe South of England
  • You must be 18 or over to submit a list to us
  • Diagnosis of a terminal illness certified by a Dr/GP/Macmillan Nurse (Bucket list Wishes may need to contact any of these professionals to carry out the experience in full)
  • Submit your personal Bucket List to us (max 15 things)
  • Bucket List Wishes will aim to grant one wish from any summited and qualifying list we receive
  • Unable to fulfil the wish or need on your own
  • Capable to experience the wish
  • Able to obtain approval from a doctor, if necessary to carry out the experience
Disclaimer: Bucket List Wishes UK is unable to grant every wish from a qualified list we receive. The decision to grant a wish from a submitted list is at the sole discretion of Bucket List Wishes UK, and a wish may be denied for any reason.