Many Thanks we will be in touch shortly.

Please note at this time we are currently receiving high volumes of wish applications and our volunteers are working as hard as they possibly can to process all the applications we receive.

You will hear from one of them soon, thank you for your patience at this busy time.

Best Wishes Gini from Bucket List Wishes xx

Fulfilment Guidelines for Lists & Wishes

  • Live in┬áthe South of England, currently we can only grant wishes for local people who live near where we are based in Berkshire.
    (our long term plan is to grant wishes throughout the UK)
  • You must be 18 or over to submit a list to us or the wish application must be for an adult
  • Diagnosis of a terminal illness certified by a Dr/GP/Macmillan Nurse
    (Bucket list Wishes may need to contact any of these professionals to carry out the experience in full)
  • Submit your personal Bucket List to us
    (max 15 things all of which must be UK based as we cannot grant any wishes outside of the UK)
  • Bucket List Wishes will aim to grant one wish from any summited and qualifying list we receive
  • Unable to fulfil the wish or need on your own
  • Capable to experience the wish
  • Able to obtain approval from a doctor, if necessary to carry out the experience
Disclaimer: Bucket List Wishes UK is unable to grant every wish from a qualified list we receive. The decision to grant a wish from a submitted list is at the sole discretion of Bucket List Wishes UK, and a wish may be denied for any reason.