Wish stories – here are some stories about the wishes we have granted so far:

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Andrew’s Wish – January 2018

In January we had arranged with the help of his lovely Sister Catherine a very special Wish for Andrew to enjoy with his family. Andrew’s Wish was to go to Grove in Oxfordshire the home to Williams F1 Team and have a special Wish day there including a tour with his loved ones. Andrew has been a long term Formula One Fan! Sadly Andrew became unwell the day before his Wish so we arranged for Williams to send Andrew something special instead this is what they sent…. An amazing personally signed piece of Pastor Maldonado’s F1 car! Receiving this item on what should have been his Wish Day was truly amazing for Andrew and his loved ones. We would like to say a HUGE thank everyone at www.williamsf1.com for helping us organise Andrew’s original Wish but also for going the extra mile to get this out to him immediately... read more

Chris’ Wish – January 2018

For Chris we had booked a special Private VIP Helicopter Flight over London for him & his Close Friend Gaynor to enjoy together. A big thank you to Gaynor who helped us so much to try and organise this Wish for Chris. Sadly after trying many different dates due to the british weather Chris just didn’t get up in the air and then sadly he became to unwell to book again. We did manage to get Chris & Gaynor to the airfield where they enjoyed lunch together and Chris received a special goodie bag. However the Weather on the day just wouldn’t allow the flight to go ahead. For this Wish we would like to say a big thank you to The Team at Bookers Airfield from www.heliair.com for all their help with organising this Wish for Chris. Also Special thanks to The Staff & Driver from www.jjmtaxis.com/ in Bracknell as they provided the transport for Chris & Gaynor to and from the... read more

Vicky’s Wish – December 2017

In December we granted Vicky a very unique themed Wish based on Harry Potter & Trains as these were Vicky’s favourite things! She had the most fantastic time and was accompanied by her close friend Fiona and Daughter. First they travelled from home by Limo to London and took the Caledonia Sleeper Train up to Fort William. Then they stayed locally ready for her Wish Day to commence on Monday. Her Wish Day was so special and together they experienced a ‘Harry Potter’ VIP day trip from Fort William to Mallaig this included Afternoon tea, champagne and lots of Harry Potter goodies. For this unique Wish we would to say a HUGE thank you to the following people: Firstly to JK Rowling’s Team for sending us a special parcel for Vicky. To Mark Stevens from American Limos in Southend-on-Sea for transporting the three of them to and from London. To Jane and the Team at www.sleeper.scot as they made the sleeper journey part of Jane’s Wish truly special. Also a big thank you to Elaine from www.westcoastrailways.co.uk/jacobite/jacobite-steam-train-details.cfm all of those that helped her & even the Guard at Fort William station. As each of you played vital part in making this Wish magnificent for Vicky. Finally thank you to Rhea at www.strathmorehotels-thealexandra.com for helping us arrange accommodation for this Wish. To see lots more photos from this special Wish please see our Facebook post – https://www.facebook.com/BucketListWishes/posts/1638068772921355 Our wishes we grant make such magical memories and these will always be cherished by Vicky’s loved ones that joined her on this spectacular Wish.... read more

Kirsty’s Wish – November 2017

Kirsty’s Wish was to go to the X Factor LIVE Shows & to meet Simon Cowell her Favourite Judge. With lots of hard work and many volunteer hours we achieved this for her in November. For Kirsty’s Wish we would like to say a BIG thank you to: Donna Kirsty’s Carer who applied for this Wish for her to enjoy and helped us with arrangements. Ema from www.thehairandbeautyartist.co.uk for getting Kirsty & her Mum ready with Fabulous Hair & Make up. John from www.limo-hire-sussex-kent.co.uk for transporting us to and from the X Factor Studios, John has been involved in several of our wishes and always makes getting to the Wish extra special. Finally a HUGE thank you to Stu, James, Amy, Simon Cowell, The Contestants & The X Factor Production Team for truly making Kirsty’s Wish so amazing! Such memorable & truly remarkable memories were made for Kirsty on this Wish & her loved ones and these will always be cherished. To see more photos from Kirsty’s Wish please go to https://www.facebook.com/BucketListWishes/posts/1621703687891197... read more

Jane’s Wish – November 2017

Jane thoroughly enjoyed every moment of her London Wish and she told us ‘My Wish was amazing, firstly our driver Paul was so lovely and helpful getting us to London and back. Then seeing Les Miserables in the Queens Theatre left me totally speechless & I cried virtually the whole way through. Meeting the cast was a real dream come true and the Lady that took us backstage to do this was so kind to me. I’ve never seen anything like Hotel Cafe Royal it was just so beautiful and during our afternoon tea experience the staff are fantastic & finally the views from the Shard at dinner and in our room were truly amazing. Thank you so much’, Jane xx Jane made some treasured memories on her Wish this week & also got to celebrate her Birthday too. It was an Abdul pleasure arranging this special Wish for Jane. For Jane’s Wish we would like to thank the following people: A big thank you to Paul at www.oakleylimos.co.uk for transporting Jane to and from her Wish safely & in a lovely executive car. We appreciate you helping us again on another Wish and every time you do our wish people comment how nice & helpful you are throughout their journeys. A special Thank you to the staff at www.hotelcaferoyal.com for Jane’s amazing Afternoon Tea experience which she thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it with you. Thank you to www.the-shard.com for helping us organising accommodation & dinner with them. Then finally a huge thank you to Hannah and the Cast at www.lesmis.com/uk for making Jane’s Wish experience truly spectacular!... read more

Louise’s Wish – October 2017

Louise really wanted to make some precious memories with her husband & two young children at LEGOLAND. So we arranged for them to stay on site in October. During her Wish they all experienced so many amazing things, meetings Lego Characters, Watching shows, Going on rides, spectacular Fireworks and even feeding the Sharks! For this Wish we would like to say a HUGE thank you to Lee at www.lalimousines.co.uk for transporting this lovely family to and from LEGOLAND in his Fabulous Limo. A BIG Special thank you to the VIP Team at www.legoland.co.uk for all their hard work in organising every aspects of this unique wish and making this a truly magical experience for Louise & her family to enjoy together. They made such special memories throughout this wish and her Husband & Children will always be able to treasure these.... read more

Derek’s Wish – October 2017

In October we arranged for Derek to have a special Wish day which incorporated two of his favourite things drinking Beer & watching Chelsea FC play at home. Derek was collected by Limo and taken to the Stamford Bridge grounds to watch Chelsea FC play Watford. He proudly wore the latest kit which we had personalised and he also featured in the Match Day programme. For Derek’s Wish we would like to say a HUGE thank you to the following people & companies for helping us arrange this Wish: Firstly thank you to Jo his carer for applying for his Wish & accompanying him on his Wish Day. John at www.limo-hire-sussex-kent.co.uk for transporting Derek on his Wish Day. Sally & the Team at www.chelseafc.com for all their help with making this wish special and finally thanks to www.nike.com/gb for helping us get Derek the latest kit personalised and out to him in time for him to wear to the match. Our wishes do make treasured memories and this is a day Derek & his carer will always remember.... read more

Pamela’s Wish – September 2017

In September we granted Pamela a very special Wish Day with the help of her lovely Daughter Heidi. We’d like to thank Heidi for all her help in making this wish a complete surprise for her Mum. Pamela’s Wish made special cherished memories for everyone & they all had a brilliant day together. For this Wish we would like to thank John from www.limo-hire-sussex-kent.co.uk for supplying very special transport. John regularly helps us with Wishes & always makes our Wish people and their loved ones feel extra special. We would also like to thank the VIP Team at the www.londoneye.com for helping with this part of the Wish. Pamela had always wanted to go on the London Eye after she was able to see it from her Hospital window during her treatment. Finally a big thank you to the Team at the www.parkplaza.com/countyhall for providing a private room & amazing Afternoon Tea as this completed Pamela’s Wish Day perfectly. To see more photos from Pamela’s Wish please see our FB Post... read more

Robert’s Wish – August 2017

In August we granted a very special wish for Robert & his loved ones to enjoy a sensational weekend in London which included a West End Show, The London Eye and a cruise along the Thames. Together they experienced all the best things you possibly can in the Capital! We would like to thank Robert’s Sister Rachel for all her help arranging everything from Robert & his the family’s side of things and also she was brilliant on the wish weekend too. For this August Wish we would like to thank the following people who made the weekend extra special for Robert & his family: Paul & his 3 fantastic drivers for transporting everyone so well and in style from http://www.oakleylimos.co.uk/ All the Staff at the Fabulous Grosvenor Hotel near Victoria who were brilliant from start to finish when booking this as Wish accommodation. Special thanks to Paul the Concierge who looked after Robert & his family so well throughout their time there. http://www.guoman.com/en/london/the-grosvenor.html The Cast of The Lion King & David the Production Manager from the amazing West End Show as they went above and beyond by meeting everyone afterwards which was such a magical experience. http://www.thelionking.co.uk The booking Team & Staff on the day at the http://www.londoneye.com for all their help with this part of the Wish. The Staff who made the Cruise experience very special at http://www.bateauxlondon.com on their ‘Harmony’ boat. Our wishes truly make memories that can always be cherished & treasured xx To see more photos from Roberts Wish please see our post on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BucketListWishes/posts/1540389146022652 You can help us to grant more wishes by... read more

Caroline’s Wish – July 2017

Caroline had the most Fantastic Wish day at the end of July. For this wish we would like to say a special thanks to John at www.limo-hire-sussex-kent.co.uk for the Brilliant transportation throughout the wish. A Huge thank you to all of the Cast & Producer David of mamma-mia.com in London for everyone’s kindness in meeting Caroline & her loved ones during the interval and then finally a big thank you to the Staff at www.onealdwych.com for Fabulous afternoon tea. One of Caroline’s relatives wrote this personal Wish story & we’re thrilled she’s let us share it with all of you xx “Just before Easter, Caroline was just coming up to her 50th Birthday! She spotted a mole under her left breast. The doctors were slow to act, but said they would keep an eye on it and probably remove it in due course. She loved parties, but her 50th was something special because Dennis, her husband surprised her by renewing their wedding vows at the party. When a vicar walked in, she thought he was simply a stripper-gram Dennis had arranged………. But, it turned out that he was the vicar who had married them 24 years before. She was ecstatic! Shortly after, she went back to the doctors, because the mole was getting much worse. They went to operate, but then said it had grown too big! She was sent home. More tests. After a couple of weeks it was removed, but scans taken a few days later revealed the thing everybody dreaded, she had cancer and it had taken really serious hold and was terminal. She knew deep... read more